“Big cat investigator says Suffolk sightings are credible” – East Anglian Daily Times

The East Anglian Daily Times newspaper of 25 September 2023 has an interview with me, talking about Mystery Animals of Suffolk. I am told it will appear in print in the Monday 26 September edition.

Within hours of the article being published online, I had received two more reports of big cat sightings in Suffolk.

The first was a historical report of a sighting of a puma seen  in car headlights near Heveningham one night back in 2011.

The second report was a “muscly” black big cat slightly bigger than a German shepherd dog and with a “swishing” tail. The witness watched it for a minute as it moved slowly towards a stream – the River Fromus as it runs through the North end of Saxmundham, close to the A12 on 9 September 2023.


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