Interview on Louise Hulland’s BBC Radio Suffolk/Norfolk/Cambs. show, 19/10/23

I appeared in an interview on Louise Hulland’s BBC Radio Suffolk/BBC Radio Norfolk/BBC Radio Cambridgeshire afternoon show on 19 October 2023. I come in around 18.22 on this audio clip.

You can hear it on BBC iPlayer until 19 November 2023 (UK only). I was speaking about my (then) forthcoming book launch on 22 October in Dunwich.

Louise described me as “a really interesting guy” and ended our conversation by offering to become my assistant on big cat investigations. (That last bit sadly didn’t make the radio edit.)

Radio interview – GenX Radio Suffolk, 02 October 2023

A radio interview on GenX Radio Suffolk, in which I talk about Mystery Animals of Suffolk with presenter James Hazell.

Topics include the usual big cats of Suffolk, as well as tales of evil freshwater mermaids made up to stop children playing near ponds, exploding mice (among the many witches’ imps of familiars made up under torture) and how reports of Black Shuck became replaced with big cat sightings. Listening time: around 10 minutes. First aired 02 October 2023. With thanks to Sharon Wight. Listen here.