Mystery Animals of Suffolk has several maps showing the distribution of sightings of different types of big cat in and around the county.

Here is a sample map, showing sightings of puma-like felines in the county in recent years. While reports of puma sightings in East Anglia were once  relatively common, accounting for around a quarter of reported sightings, these are now much rarer. Puma sightings in and around Suffolk have tailed off to almost none since 2018.

The map below is an update, showing sightings from the period 2017-2022. It also features earlier sightings (mostly from the 2010s) which recently came to light. Reports were mostly of black leopards in this period, with a lynx and a possible melanistic lynx from the west of the county. There was also a sighting of a puma just over the Cambridgeshire border, after an absence of puma reports since 2018.

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It features Black Shuck, the Orford Merman, the Rendlesham UFO Incident, Wool I Am the mammoth, the Sudbourne tank training ground and Lawrence of Arabia when he was stationed at RAF Felixstowe.