What are the Big Cats?

Big cats have been regularly seen in Suffolk since the early 1970s. They are generally thought to be the descendants of escaped or released exotic big cats – melanistic (black) leopards, pumas and lynxes – that had been kept as pets. Some could be feral domestic cats that have over the generations grown to a great size.


Since 2014 I have been gathering evidence for big cats in Suffolk. This is in the form of testimony from witnesses, media reports, police logs of sightings, big cat footprints, reports of livestock or wildlife showing signs of having been predated on by big cats and other sources. There is also a very limited amount of video footage.

Report a Sighting

Have you seen a big cat, or encountered other evidence – heard sounds that you thought were made by a big cat, seen “field signs” such as footprints or scratch marks, or “kill signs” – signs of possible big cat predation on animal carcasses? Historical sightings you have had, even decades ago, are still of interest.
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