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The Big Cats of Suffolk – Orford Museum talk, Butley Priory, Suffolk, 25 April 2024

I have a talk on The Big Cats of Suffolk for Orford Museum on Wednesday 24 April 2024, it’s at Butley Priory (nearest station Wickham Market), starting at 6.15pm, finishing at 7.15.

Book tickets in advance – £18 for non-members of Orford Museum via the Museum’s online booking system.

Signed copies of Mystery Animals of Suffolk will be on sale at a discount.

More details are here.

There have been reports of big cats seen in the wild in Suffolk since the 1970s. Witnesses describe seeing black leopards, pumas, lynxes and bobcats across the county. There were even a couple of big cat sightings around Orford in the early 2000s!

In this talk, freelance journalist and author Matt Salusbury will present the evidence – over 200 accounts (and counting) of encounters by people in Suffolk with mystery big cats, as well as “kill signs” – evidence that big cats have been feeding on the corpses of livestock and wildlife.

Matt is also an English language teacher and the author of Mystery Animals of Suffolk (Leiston Press 2023). He lived in Dunwich and Chediston throughout the 2010s and is still Chair of the Trustees of Dunwich Museum and well as BBC Radio Suffolk’s big cat expert. He is a regular contributor to Fortean Times, and has written for publications including the Guardian, The Independent and History Today.


Butley Priory. Photo: Eebahgum, Creative Commons Licence




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