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Mystery Animals of Suffolk features in Living In Suffolk… magazine

Mystery Animals of Suffolk – and in particular the big cats of Suffolk – feature in an article in the current issue of the Living In Suffolk… magazine series. (Issue 43, Spring 2024.)

There’s a link to the online edition here. You’ll have to swipe through (or click through) to page 24.

Living In Suffolk Coastal is also available for free in print in various community centres and shops in Suffolk Coastal, including the local East of England Co-op stores. As far as I’m aware, the article appears in all the other local print editions of Living In Suffolk.

I should point out that while I did in the interview say that I spotted “something like Black Shuck” from the train approaching Darsham, they left out the bit I said immediately after that. This was the bit in which I added that I was almost 100 per cent certain that it was a calf in a nearby field, seen from a speeding train at 50mph in very misty conditions.

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