Historic report from Chillesford, Suffolk, August 2016.

Reports coming in to via the big cat reporting page of this website have tailed off in recent months and are now rare again. So I was pleased to receive recently one such from a witness who saw a big cat in Chillesford (near Woodbridge, Suffolk) very early one August morning in 2016, while driving with his two dogs towards Tunstall Forest.

The witness described an “enormous” black cat, almost twice the size of his Labrador, sitting on the road eating a rabbit. He saw the animal for about a minute as he approached in his car, with his dogs silently staring at it.

The animal looked at him with “piercing” eyes, he could see the points of his four big canine teeth. He described the big cat’s long tail as very “curving.” It had “tiny ears” that were barely visible. When he got close, the big cat dropped the rabbit and bounded away through a field of “corn” (wheat?), the witness stopped the car and got out and was able to see the end of the animal’s tail above the crop as it ran through the field.

He also told how an acquaintance told him shortly after how  he’d seen a big cat a couple of weeks before in Aldeburgh, and when he was looking for information online shortly afterwards he came across an EADT report of a couple having seen a big cat in Melton shortly before. That’s not a report I’m aware of, so I will track it down if it’s correct.

I have had very few reports from back in 2016, this one is only the third report of a big cat seen in the county that I’ve received for that year.


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